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Kherson region received a batch of humanitarian aid from SaveUA benefactors

Today, many Ukrainian companies, organizations, and institutions not only continue to work and hold the economic front, they have become points of indomitability for citizens.

The work to support people who remain in the deoccupied territories is becoming more coordinated and fast. The country has not seen this even in the best of times.

On February 15, the NGO “Women’s of Kherson Region” received a humanitarian cargo for the residents of Kherson and the region from the Charity Fund “SaveUA”.

Only a few days passed from the moment of submitting the application for assistance to the response from the fund, says Iryna Nikolayeva, head of the public organization:

– We wrote a letter to “SaveUA” fund about the urgent needs of the residents of Kherson region and received a reply very quickly. The coordinator called and offered to help with the requests that we collect at the humanitarian center. This is targeted assistance to the elderly, residents of Kherson who cannot go far from home, and families with children.

The charity fund “SaveUA” handed over 1,200 boxes with food packages to the people of Kherson. Canned food, dairy and other high-quality products, carefully packed.

Today, the people of Kherson are in difficult household, economic and infrastructural conditions. Therefore, packages with humanitarian aid were distributed literally in a few days.

The Women’s Union of Kherson region, together with partners – the “Forellis” store, which became a humanitarian headquarters, as well as caring entrepreneurs Oleksandr and Victoria Zaderei – delivered boxes with products to people in need.

First of all, aid was distributed based on applications collected by volunteers: to residents of the Tavriyskyi and Skhidny microdistricts, to families of the military standing at checkpoints in Kherson Region, to the families of IDPs, in populated areas of the region.

In particular, 256 boxes were delivered by Natalia Dergach and Valery Natochiy to residents of the Vostochny district.

Another 464 boxes were delivered by volunteers Lyubov Pankiv and Liliya Lozenko to the villages of Sadove and Shevchenkive and to the families of IDPs.

97 boxes were given to Olga Tsylinko and the Sofia Center Foundation for families raising children with disabilities.

74 sets were delivered to elderly people, as well as families from remote areas of the city. More than 200 food packages were distributed to residents of the Tavriyskyi microdistrict, who personally came to the humanitarian headquarters.

– The time has come when we support each other in every possible way. Teams of different organizations understand each other without words. When there is no need to explain why you are asking for help, because now Kherson Region is in dire need of medications and food. And we are very grateful to the “SaveUA” Charitable Foundation for understanding and help, we will be happy to cooperate in the future! – notes Iryna Nikolayeva


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